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I'm Ben, a photographer and creative storyteller working in England. I am fascinated with using a lens based medium to create different narratives, adding a distinctly creative yet professional touch to my work. I'm primarily working in the commercial sector, yet my website also features works from a more fine art background. I consider myself a well rounded artist and photographer, so please do get in touch whether it's for commercial purposes or for a more artsy commission, I'd love to chat!

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My Story

I grew up in Bolivia in South America and from a young age began to take an interest in exploring creative ways to express my emotions. I started off doing oil painting classes which set the foundations for my creativity, allowing me to appreciate how colour, light and perspective can make or break a painting. I went on to study fine art at school in England. In that time I started to take what I had learnt from painting and use it in different ways; some more expressive such as mixed media and others more refined like photography.


I first took an interest in the industrial industry when my dad, an engineer and mechanic, used to take me as a young lad to workshops and factories. I remember asking him if I could take home a large piece of metal because I liked the materiality of it . Since then I have included elements of the industrial in a lot of my art, starting primarily in college, be it through mixed media or paintings. I moved on to study photography as an undergraduate degree where I specialised in the Industrial Picturesque, making industrial landscapes unusually beautiful and inviting the viewer to engage with the often overlooked sites. The MA I undertook was a lot more commercial than my undergraduate degree, and I was able to adapt my fine art skills to work in a commercial environment. My later work moved towards a more cinematic and surreal style of expressing my thoughts, feelings and dreams in particular. This project kept my creativity flowing and left me with a unique approach to commercial work, where the outcome is both artistic and professional. 

Now as a freelancing photographer, my aim is to consistently create new work with original ideas, that is pleasing and appropriate to a clients commercial needs but might also find home in an art gallery, exhibition space or the walls of your home. Please do get in touch if you are interested in purchasing any of my works. 

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